Monday, September 28, 2009

Pando XC race report

Scott and Naomi with their "race faces" on!

Yesterday we all went over to Pando to race. There was a surprisingly good turnout for a race at the end of September, and I think it's because a lot of people are trying to get some last minute training races in for Iceman. And I would be one of those people! Especially since the majority of the races that I've done over the summer have been over 8 hours long. It's time for some intensity!!!

Anyways, I went into the race pretty tired from Vegas. Our start went straight up a hill that people tube down in the window and my coach wanted me to take the lead from the start. She told me to race aggressively and not worry about blowing up.

By the time I reached the top of the hill (it only took a minute or two) my body was completely in shock. You know that tunnel vision thing that happens when you are pushing really hard? I had that. In fact, I think I was riding blindly for a minute or two. My mind started to tell my body to "abort race and return to bed immediately" but luckily I kept pedaling :-)

The weather ended up being a perfect fall day and I had so much fun racing! Pando is usually closed to the public, so it's not a trail that I get to ride often. I finished in 1st and am pretty sure my lungs are now completely detoxed from all of the second-hand smoke and hotel infused scents I was forced to breathe in at Vegas.

It's officially fall...the leaves on the ground confirm it!

The Founder's team version of a recovery drink...

We stuck around for a few hours after the race and it was fun hanging out with everyone and watching the sport and beginners race...

The Founder's team were very serious about supporting their teammates racing by either offering them hydration (in the form of beer) or cooling them down (by spraying them with beer!)

I've been racing since February, but I am not feeling burnt out at all. Between all of the XC and cross races we have going on, I think I'll be doing some training races up until December. It's a good way to keep doing some speed work as the weather turns nasty. And today is a good example of nasty weather. 50 degrees and pouring rain. Ugh!

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