Sunday, April 19, 2009

Blogosphere, meet my new bike!

Finally, some pictures of my new bike. The narrow window of having a bike that was all clean, new and shiny has passed. It's in full race mode now!

This is the first time that I've actually named my bike. In the past, we've always labeled my bikes as bike #1 or bike #2 for races, just so that we could keep track of parts, mileage etc. And I always figured that if I ever did name a bike, it would be a feminine name. 

Not the case with this bike. Meet Tom #1. I'm not quite sure where the name came from....somewhere totally out of the blue! 

For the last couple of weeks Tom #1 has been getting a lot of love from Jeremy at Velo City. We had some major bike tweaking to do to get the bike fit right. As a result, I'm still getting to know the bike. And I ask you, what better way to get to know a bike then to race it???

Tom #1 officially made his race debut today at the Yankee Springs TT. It was 2 laps, which ended up being 23 miles. My brilliant coach wanted me to race at 90% so that I wouldn't completely waste myself for next weekend. My legs were feeling pretty good. Not great, but good enough that I could push the pace a bit. And while I was pushing the pace, I noticed a few things about this bike....

1. The bike floats up climbs. Seriously, I felt like I was taking an elevator up!
2. It is super, super, super responsive. Holy moly, all I had to do was lean a bit and this bike was flying around corners. 
3. It's snappy. This kind of reiterates #2, but I just need to say it again. I've never had a bike so ready to race. 
4. It's bad-a$$ looking (in my own humble opinion!) 
5. It's freaking awesome on the downhills. Roots, rocks, sand....this bike takes it all in stride. 

Needless to say, I'm really psyched to race Tom #1 this year. I still have to play around with the suspension a bit, and I'm hoping to get it figured out before Cohutta. 

The gold chain is bling, bling!
Anyways, back to the race. There were some REALLY strong women racing today. We were sent out one at a time and I was trying to catch other people without getting caught. I started catching some of the expert men towards the end of the first lap, and two guy's went down right in front of me on that horrible, steep plastic hill. As a result I had to get off of my bike and run up. Ouch!!! Even so, I finished my first lap in 52 minutes and some seconds. 

My second lap was done in about 54 minutes. I'm a bit bummed because I wanted my laps to be even, and I let myself rest WAY too long behind one of the guys that I caught. I knew that I should pass but it just felt "oh so good" to sit behind him for a little bit. I ended up in second place, about 30 seconds behind first. 

I'm so glad that I did this race. 50 degree weather and rain doesn't feel that bad when you are doing a time trial. Scott's back is finally on the mend and he's started racing again. I have some major cheering and water bottle handoffs to do to make up for all of the support that he does at my races!

He won his division (Expert 30-39) too! I was hoping to have faster laps then him but he pretty much smoked me. I'll get him next time.....(insert evil laugh here)!
P.S. I can't wait to get Tom #2 :-)


Andrea said...

Great job! I wish I would have gotten a chance to see you today, but I think you were long gone by the time I finished.

Alex Von said...

Aww! Yay! That's exciting! Any ideas of what kind of bike for Tom #2?

Biking Badger said...

Sweet, enjoy the ride. I dig black bikes, seem like ninja's with gears

Namrita O'Dea said...

good job! glad scotty is back racing :)

zenbicyclist said...

You took off a bit after me. The only thing I could think about for one hour and fourty nine minutes was not letting you catch me. No offence.

oldmanandhisbike said...

Scott was fast; so fast, I missed getting a picture of him in his Metal outfit!!
That bike is awesome (I have the exclusive on pictures though!). I wish I had one but minus the top tube dings! :^0

oldmanandhisbike said...

Picture posted of you racing on Flickr (besides mine):

Western MMBA said...

I was glad to see you both at Yankee- especially Scott because I knew he's had issues w/ his back-
Good job at Cohutta!

I LOVE YOU said...