Wednesday, December 13, 2006

A Real Bad Bonk

So I've read and heard a lot of different stories about bad bonks. How cyclists were forced to steal candy from stores, rummage through trash, or beg food off of strangers. I've bonked in the past but never that badly. Mainly because I like eating-I usually have my jersey pockets stuffed.

Today was a different story though. I went out for a quick two hour ride after lunch. Since I had just eaten, I figured I could easily do a 2 hour ride without needing anything extra. It was a bad, bad mistake because half-way into the ride I started to bonk REALLY BADLY. Today was so windy and cold though that I must have been burning calories a lot faster then usual.

There was 3 times during my ride back home where I seriously considered stopping. One was when I passed a McDonalds. I had no money on me but considered asking a manager to give me free food. The second time was when I saw a parked cop car. I wanted to go up and beg for anything...even gum. Last but not least was when I was riding near my friends Kim and Marks house. All that I could think about was getting a piece of bread. Bread??? Yup, I had quit thinking about McDonald fries. Bread sounded like the best thing on earth to eat. By that time I only had about ten minutes left so I figured that I could make it.

I made it home, weaving and swerving and promptly managed to eat half of our fridge before taking off my helmet. After that I went to an underwear party (don't think dirty thoughts) at the Ada Grille. It was a charity party to collect new underwear and socks for Meltrotter. I seriously ate enough christmas cookies that I could ride 100 miles right now without having to eat anything.


Anonymous said...

There are dumpsters behind most McDonalds, so no need to beg. Sounds like you had a rough day.

Jeff said...

At least now you know how I feel every time I ride whether or not I eat.

sydney_b said...

good reminder. methinks i'll be packin' something a bit extra on the long ones now that it's chilled down.

brian said...

Just ride slower. That works for me. I almost never get hungry!:^)

P.S. I have been watching videos on YouTube of cross races and I really want to get a cross-bike this year. Keep pushing me!

Anonymous said...

Good story... funny how the bonk hits you when you least expect it. My non-cycling friends and family have a real hard time believing that eating is part of the activity.